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James P

November 2022 Review 2022

The saying goes you get what you pay for and if you’re serious about user experience and boosting SEO results for your business then it’s worth checking out for your blog or business websites hosting.

While not cheap we have not found a hosting provider that has been able to deliver TTFB faster globally and especially in Australia for our clients who want the best without over paying for their small business setup online.

With some of the best hardware, resources and a Cloudflare enterprise licence the overall performance is unmatched.

If you have only experienced lower tier shared hosting for your business website (like SiteGround, GoDaddy and Ventra IP) after a quick migration over you will visually notice how snappy and faster your website loads on (including the backend dashboard for managing the website).

After a easy process of migrating our SEO clients websites over we saw huge improvement when navigating through pages (even though they were already optimised on the previous hosting providers) using PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to check the websites load times before and after.

I find their support friendly and responsive (comparable to Sitegrounds support which I’ve personally found great over the years).

If you want to throw everything at your competition in the Google rankings then you should be using to super charge your user experience and achieve great Google Core Web Vital scores.

When you sign up and request a migration you can use our affiliate link to get your first month of hosting for $1 and test out just how great the results are on your own WordPress website.

We could recommend a number of hosts and still get commission but we believe it’s important to use the best and easiest to setup and work with environments to achieve the best outcomes with our clients campaigns.

As well as the importance of clients maintaining access to their assets like domain names, premium plugins and hosting in their own names.

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