Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne
We generate SEO traffic that converts.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of updating your website to make it rank higher in search engines.

The objective is to get your website talking to Google in all the right ways increasing your online exposure, capacity to capture leads and to track, manage and monitor those leads. Google is fussy about who it recognises and promotes and it’s quite technical!

SEO is the superpower giving your website capability to perform better for your business. Be found, achieve your business goals and make your business sing to the online world.

What’s involved?

Here’s how we do it.

Boosting your online exposure
Equipping your website to ‘talk to Google’ and reach your customers.

  • Building ‘landing’ pages into your website hierarchy (such as service pages, region pages, blog posts) so you appear in as many searches as possible for your product/service.
  • Develop and build your content power-packed with high-ranking Google search terms related to your products/services to pull Google traffic.
  • Technical on and off-page optimisation including site restructuring, setting page redirects, correcting internal links, optimising meta tags and photo tags, improving site speed/loading time and more.

Creating the best customer experience possible
Helping the customer find what they are looking for with ease and without confusion.

  • Designing navigation and functionality so the pathway to information is easy and clear.
  • Having the right information in the right places to satisfy what the customer needs to make a decision to contact you.
  • Structuring content well so the customer can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Creative design so it’s visually appealing – we eat (and buy) with our eyes!

Research, planning and analysis
Engineering and applying the SEO strategy armed with stats and the right knowledge.

  • Keyword research to learn and use the most popular search terms that your customers are typing into their search engines.
  • Assessing your competitors and industry authorities to gather topics of interest to your customer and target your content.
  • Identifying and acquiring opportunities for links to your website from other high-quality websites (‘backlinks’).
  • Implementing tracking of customer enquiries through web forms, integration into your systems and monitoring through analytics.

Optimised content to reach and connect
Your customer resonates with and takes action based on your words.

  • Developing value-rich content to deeply engage your customer – keeping them on your website for longer.
  • Producing concise and accurate content (no guff) to build trust and position you as an expert in your industry.
  • Ensuring topic-rich content – to tell the customer everything they need to know to satisfy their curiosity, answer their questions and provide reassurance.
  • Having the same writer for each content piece for a consistent brand voice and 100% unique content.

Monthly reporting and performance audits
Monthly strategy calls to discuss progress and keep you updated.

  • A Monthly Performance Report that you can use and understand.
  • Updates on work performed, upcoming work and last month’s results with commentary and recommendations.
  • Strategising, bouncing ideas and planning ahead with you based on tracking and real stats, to build on the results we’re getting so far.
  • Updates on work performed and upcoming work and last month’s results.
  • Tailored dashboard with Google Analytics with client access displaying 100% live data so you can see the results that matter to you.
  • Know where your enquiries/referrals are coming from and invest there for a better ROI.
  • Know your customer’s habits, visit duration and behaviour on your website through tracking and what the results mean for your business.
  • Stay informed on your website’s performance and user interactions.

Expert maintenance and support
Priority support status. We’re here for you rain hail or shine.

  • Keeping your website security in-check against hackers, spam and other gremlins.
  • Have your website consistently functioning and performing at optimum.
  • Regular functionality checks of your buttons, links, load time and more.
  • Website backups protecting you from outages and minimising website downtime.
  • Expertise on-hand for minor tweaks and customised requests of your choice (SMS notifications, forms, galleries, reviews, sliders and more).

Why do I need SEO:

SEO keeps your website optimised, profitable and healthy helping you stay current, accessible and present in the online space.

  • Get the most our of your website (which you’ve already invested in having).
  • Get more calls, more enquiries and increase sales and revenue to grow your business.
  • Website stays accurately aligned with your business, products and services.
  • Maintain brand awareness and reputation in your industry.
  • Higher visibility online = maximum exposure and sales opportunities.
  • Gain a larger market share and be equipped to compete with your competitors.
  • Effectively target people actively searching for your services who are ready to spend.
  • Stay on top of sales and leads – tailor the information you need and get it straight away
  • Inclusion in the top-performing suburb searches for your service offering.
  • Your user experience is the best it can be = customer more likely to buy.
  • Your website is set-up to accommodate future growth and service expansion.
  • Your website gets a facelift!

Under-maintained and dated websites can have long load times and poor navigation. It can be hard for customers to find the information they are looking for, meaning lost enquires and sales.

You might need SEO when:

  • You have a great business but it’s not performing well online.
  • Not getting any online enquiries
  • Low Google ranking (page 4 or more)
  • Customers can’t find you
  • Falling behind your competitors
  • No customer tracking or reporting
  • Not getting return on investment.

Visitors to your website shouldn’t have to think and submitting an enquiry should be easy. It should be obvious what the customer needs to do to get in touch.

How will my website change?

There will be changes in the back-end and the front-end (visually).

Visual appearance (changes you can see) – ALL in consultation with you.

  • Site structure (menu hierarchy and new drop-down options).
  • Header and footer appearance and more/less inclusions.
  • Images, captions, YouTube videos, service area maps.
  • New and repositioning buttons, online forms, side bars.
  • Mobile and tablet optimisation (notice how websites look different on mobile?)
  • New content and updates to existing content (again in consultation with you).
  • Styling including fonts, text size and colours (optional).

Back-end (non-visual):

  • Installation of our specalised software and tools that super charge your website.
  • Modernising old code so the website can be better recognised by Google.
  • Plug-in updates (a plug-in is software that “plugs into” your website that adds new or extends existing functionality – also needed for security).
  • Updates to increase speed (load time).
  • Bringing your website hosting over to Unbranded Digital’s safe, fast and secure server (OPTIONAL)

We will plan out the best site structure based upon user and search behaviour, competitor analysis, your provided services and keyword research.

Keywords, keywords, keywords!

We find the keywords and search phrases with the most volume for your industry and product and pack them into your website. Keywords can include the name of your product/service on its own or with the addition of another relevant keyword such as the desired location or associated action.

  • “EV charger installation” (the product + action)
  • “Electrician Frankston” (service + suburb)
  • “How to start a lawn mower” (this is a ‘long-tail keyword’ – normally a phrase)

The top 5 ranking websites get the majority of clicks.The better your keywords, the higher you rank, the more clicks you get.

Get started:

Our plans operate on a monthly, pay as you go basis. There’s no lock in contracts and you can pause or cancel your plan at any time.

Your plan will rollover each month and we will continue work on your website unless you advise us to pause or stop. Payment is required in advance and we will invoice you at the start of the next monthly period.

SEO is a long term strategy. We recommend that you invest at least six months in order to get long-lasting results. For instant results, you can complement your SEO plan with ‘pay-per-click’ advertising.

We’re honest, upfront and ethical and we don’t work with competing businesses at the same time. We’re also flexible and easy-going. You will enjoy working with us.