Social Media Managment
We create posts that engage.

Using a variety of platforms, businesses can tailor and boost their content posted on social media to gain new customers, or to retain existing customers through engagement.


Interacting with your audience

When we create social media strategies, we consider which platforms show potential, and what type of content will engage and convert customers. As every business’ target audience is different, we can suggest creative and successful social media content. Having a presence on social media isn’t just about posting average content daily, it’s about carefully planning each post to ensure it invisions the business’ tone, and that it is engaging for the correct audience. One tactic that many businesses use on social media is to mention trending topics within their content. Examples of this include trying new trends on Tik Tok, to talking about the latest news on Twitter.

Every social media platform has different functionality and audience, meaning not every social media platform may be suited for an individual company’s needs. For example, Instagram is ideal for creating images and small videos as it is a photo-based platform, while Youtube is better suited for producing longer videos for education, entertainment or demonstrations.

Jomil, Social Media Management

Jomil | Social Media Management

Over 439k people reached in its first year

When we started working with Jomil in July 2020, we started out from almost zero. After working closely with the team for a full year, we are very proud to say that the strategy was an outstanding success!

3,000+ New Page Likes
5,000+ Reactions
16,000+ Engagements

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Social Media Management Bradford

We started on the Mornington Peninsula in 2015 and have been helping businesses ever since with their social media requirements.

We know what Mornington Peninsula based businesses need when it comes to their social media strategy. We’ve helped some clients to grow from a small struggling business to a thriving multi-million-pound enterprise. We do this by creating social media campaigns that are compelling and drive engagement, interactions and enquiries.

Our Approach

With us, you will not only get a monthly report. We do not hide behind pages of gobbledygook and mystery figures, we just say it how it is. We tailored dashboards that display 100% live data and that are accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week.


What we do

We offer a variety of services, tailored specifically to each businesses’ needs. By defining clear objectives and requirements from the start, we are able to plan and execute strategies to boost sales.