Laila and Me

Automatic Email Delivery, Webdesign | 2018

The Brief

Laila and Me is a new Australian startup providing healthy dog/cat treats and toys to a global audience. They were operating on a basic wordpress install using lots of old design methods and weak ux design. Laila and me wanted to update their website to be a lean mean selling machine to reduce errors on the website and provide a better experience for their customers to then in return increase the websites profit.


Our Response

We immediately began switching out to a modern theme to increase the websites speed which is a huge factor in e-commerce. As well as making numerous tweaks to the website to bring load time back down to under 2 seconds instead of 10+ seconds. Saving customers leaving due to frustration. The next stage was to introduce a new consistent colour theme and new store layout allowing customers easily view the many products available before checkout, leading to an increased basket size and orders. Many other small but critical updates were performed to increase the overall experience for customers, like adding customer reviews (200+) which was achieved by sending automated emails asking for a review and pictures of pets enjoying their treats. This has nice added SEO benefit for the website with user generated content.



Monthly sales were more than trippled by making these key changes to the website in combination with our weekly training and going marketing support. The email marketing list was doubled with more clients opting in as well as merging old customers who were not syncing into the email marketing program correctly. Strong sales have aloud Laila and Me to invest into more critical areas of their business like building Wholesale registration and ordering form for the website to grow the Wholesale marketing side of the business. As well as more promotional materials for markets and a small warehouse location. We continue to work with Laila and me analyzing anayltics on a monthly basis and making adjustments and smart feature additions to the website. We anticipate even more results by the end of 2019.