Branding | 2016

The Brief

In the initial meeting with Performance Glass Processing we were asked to develop and design a logo for the word Performance.

This was not a re-brand but instead was to be a sub-brand of the company Performance Glass Processing. We got to work sketching and developing ideas. We created numerous logos and presented our designs; from this we worked on the ones the client thought were most suitable for the sub-brand.


Our Response

Developing a brochure can be a daunting task, especially if you look at the job as a whole. We like to break the job into sections. Firstly we design the layout of the pages, and then we add the content and images.

Researching fire rated glass and other products that PGP sell was the first task when designing the brochure. We then got to work on the layout, deciding where the images would work best and also the placement of the copy. The client wanted something nice, clean and modern so we agreed that taking advantage of white space would be best for this project.