Digital Marketing Simplified | Demystifying Marketing

In this webinar, we discuss how digital marketing works and how you can make the most of your marketing spend.

Created by

Lee Hart

May 2020

Creating great marketing plans: how and why

This webinar will be a tour around the digital marketing world of Websites, SEO and Social. We’ll look at how your organisation can put all the pieces together to form an effective and streamlined digital marketing plan. We will aim to give you as much of our knowledge in 40 minutes with practical tips and tricks you can use to create more social and environmental impact.


About the Demystifying Marketing Series
Demystifying Marketing is a series of free webinars run by Agency for Good and other agencies to help you focus your marketing. We aim to give you the tools and confidence you need to run amazing marketing campaigns. This series is aimed at 3rd sector organisations primarily but will also be useful for small businesses. If you are a sole trader or work in a small marketing team and want to learn about various areas of marketing then this series is for you. We will give practical and realistic tips you can use in your organisation in a friendly and non-technical way.

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