Eden’s Story: How Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Kickstart Careers

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we will be interviewing our very own Marketing Manager, Eden Parker to discuss her apprenticeship journey! We will also be discussing what a digital marketing apprenticeship is and how to apply for an apprenticeship.

Written by

Sabiha Bala

February 2023

What is a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

A digital marketing apprenticeship, available at a variety of levels, is a course where you will spend 80% of the time working, while spending the other 20% of the time learning new skills. Apprenticeships are perfect for those wanting to get experience in an industry while studying at the same time.

Unbranded Digital currently has three apprentices in the team, with some of them starting their professional digital marketing career with us. All of our apprentices have flourished and found their feet very quickly in the business and are a staple part of the daily running of the business.

How To Apply For An Apprenticeship

If you are interested in completing an apprenticeship, there are a variety of ways you can apply for one:

  • Apply on the gov.uk website
  • Apply on recruitment sites such as Indeed and Reed
  • Contact apprenticeship providers. They will not only be able to understand what you are looking for, but can send your CV to current apprenticeship vacancies. Examples of apprenticeship providers include Baltic Apprenticeships and B2W Group.

This is ideal if you have recently left school or looking to change your career, but what if you’re already in a job? Luckily, employers can also contact apprenticeship providers to place their employees on apprenticeships. If you would like to do an apprenticeship while wanting to stay at the same company, conduct some research and ask your employer if they would be happy for you to start an apprenticeship.

Below is Eden’s story of how completing apprenticeships helped her career excel:

Why Did You Choose To Do An Apprenticeship?

“Before I completed my first apprenticeship, I was studying for my A-Levels at college because I originally wanted to be a videogame designer. After being fed up with feeling like I will never make a career for myself without experience and not being certain about what I wanted to do, I decided to look into doing apprenticeships so I could learn the industry while gaining experience. That’s where I found out about digital marketing apprenticeships, and instantly I knew I wanted to do one.

I started a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship in 2019, which helped me understand what a marketer does and introduced me to new channels and how to use them, such as SEO and email marketing. In April 2020, I finished my apprenticeship with a Distinction!

I joined Unbranded Digital in March 2021 as a Social and Marketing Assistant through the Kickstart Scheme, and was asked at the end of the year if I would like to become an apprentice again and study to gain my Level 4. Without hesitation, I said yes! I learned so much on my first apprenticeship, so I was keen to develop my knowledge further. I am now currently an apprentice with Baltic Apprenticeships and I am genuinely so happy I chose to do another apprenticeship!”

What Can You Learn On A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

“There are so many different topics you cover on an apprenticeship. As the apprenticeships are for general marketing, they cover all forms of digital channels, including SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC ads (pay-per-click ads), social media marketing and email marketing. They also cover strategy, methodologies and business studies to help you understand the company you work for better.

Whether you’re a marketing guru or someone wanting to get their foot through the door, I’m sure you’ll learn lots by doing a marketing apprenticeship.”

What Was Your Biggest Apprenticeship Achievement?

“Hands down my biggest achievement was being promoted to Marketing Manager. It made me realise that I had the potential to lead a team, and really gave me a confidence boost. I am still learning the role, but I wouldn’t be in this amazing position if it wasn’t thanks to apprenticeships.”

Is A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Worth It?

“100%! If you’re unsure about pursuing further studies at University, I would highly recommend looking for an apprenticeship. Not only can you gain lots of knowledge, you also get the job experience that you need.”

Unbranded Digital is proud to help develop new marketers to make them stand out in a large industry. We are truly dedicated to the education and training of staff members, and we are very grateful to our apprenticeship providers for helping us place excellent apprentices who become extremely valuable members of staff.

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