We are moving to Hope Park!

After spending a year and a half in our office in Baildon, we decided to move to a new workplace that will allow us to grow the team and develop as an agency.

Written by

Lee Hart

May 2019

Moving office in 2020

During lockdown, the whole Unbranded team was working from home which made everything a bit more difficult and forced us to adapt and change our way of working together without being together.

When we took the decision to move, Daniel and Michelle from Hope Park were great and really helped our business get working again as normal as possible. The flexibility they offer is really good for us, especially during these uncertain times. We also now have the opportunity to expand into a bigger space if needed without changing address! Hope Park is not only a great place to have an office, but also give all their profits back to charity while helping local businesses and social enterprises which we really like, so, when it was time to move, it made sense to get an office there.

It’s now been six months we moved to Hope Park and we are loving it! We (of course) love the café downstairs and know almost all the specials by heart; everyone is always nice and helpful and we are so glad we took the decision to move when we did. Even though it was not the easiest to move during a pandemic, it was the right move at the right moment!

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.