Why do we have website care plans

Since January, we have put in place website care plans. In this article, we will tell you all about why we took this decision and also why you should think about having a care plan for your website (even if it's not with us!).

Written by

Lee Hart

June 2021

Care Plan: why we are putting them in place and what does it mean for you and your website.

We have been building websites for our clients since 2015. Since then, we have seen a lot of websites (big and small) that were not updated often or at all and even some that were hacked and left for months or even years! This has a negative impact on your business which can result in loss of revenue. As 2020 and the global pandemic showed, having an online presence is absolutely crucial when people cannot come to your shop or office anymore. In this article, we will discuss how and why we are putting in place care plans to protect not only your website but your business too!

Why are we rolling out care plans and why now?

For the past 5 years, we’ve taken the financial hit each year on premium plugin licenses that we use to make sure you have the very best functionality on your website. As the business has grown, so has our recurring costs. We’ve also seen functionality break on websites if they are not properly maintained – emails getting lost or not delivered, and websites going down or hacked.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of attacks on our websites and consequently, some sites being hacked and redirected to spam websites. As a result of the attacks on our websites, we made the decision to go through every website and update them to the newest security versions free of charge at the end of January. 

However, as we now host over 60 websites, it’s not feasible to do this on a regular basis.

Our new care plan: giving you peace of mind

As a result, we are launching our website care plan. With our care plan you get:

  • Regular updates
  • Access to our wide library of plugin licenses
  • Priority Support
  • Top of the range website hosting
  • Premium SMTP delivery
  • and more…

We have made the decision to not make these care plan mandatory for our clients that joined us prior to 2020 but for any new website we build, the care plan is mandatory. As we grew as an agency and developed our own strategies, we now know how much of an impact the website has on the results, which is why we want to make sure our clients get the best out of their brand new website.

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