Why is Personal Branding Important?

Discover the benefits of personal branding and how it can enhance your professional growth and career advancement. Learn why personal branding is important for success in today's competitive job market.

Written by

Eden Parker

February 2023

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is best described as your own professional identity; what future employers, customers or employees will see when they look at your social media accounts. Many people you look up to will have created a personal brand for themselves. From Hollywood actors/actresses to your favourite content creator or influencer, they will have created their own personal brand to help distinguish themselves from the crowd.


Why Should I Create a Personal Brand?

One of the main benefits of creating a personal brand is to promote yourself and your business. By providing interesting posts and conversation starters, you can not only engage an audience and spark a discussion, but also promote yourself and your business to an audience. If you are looking for a new role or are currently an undergraduate, creating your own content and a portfolio for yourself can put you ahead of the competition as you will be putting yourself in front of loads of potential new employers.


How to Create a Personal Brand in Three Steps

Despite the fact that everyone’s personal brands are different, many people follow these same steps to create their own brand:

Step 1 – Define Your Goals

Before posting and creating a strategy, you firstly have to consider why you want a personal brand. It could be…

  • Looking for a new role and wanting to show to potential employers what you can offer to the role
  • Wanting to network and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Be an influencer. This may have a stigma attached to it, but all influencers use their personal brand to be able to create the content they make.

Step 2 – Create a Story

Next, you need to set the scene and tell your story. Ask yourself: who are you and what do you want to achieve? You need to make sure you portray that at all times as everyone will associate you with your story and what you do. Please note that you do not have to be completely vulnerable or have to share everything in your life: you are in control of what you post, so make sure you only post what you feel comfortable sharing. Shouting and promoting your brand all of the time will get lost in the void of countless other posts, so making the posts more personal means your followers will be more likely to be able to react to it.

Step 3Set-up Accounts For Your Brand

Once you’ve established what you want to achieve and created your own brand, it is now time to set yourself up on all platforms you would like to make content on. A common platform for professionals to promote their personal branding is LinkedIn, as you can network and engage with like-minded people. LinkedIn also gives you more career opportunities and chances to collaborate or gain new leads. However, there are plenty of other platforms you can use to reach new people. Having your own website and blog, using other social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, or having an email newsletter can also help you grow your personal brand. As long as you are unified on each platform and keep consistency across all platforms, you should start to see some engagement.

Keeping consistency doesn’t just include the platforms you use, it’s also about keeping the same branding throughout. To help create your own brand, we would recommend Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create a logo, Coolors to create a colour scheme, and following key people in your industry to understand what a strong personal brand may look like. Individuals in the marketing sector who are worth following for business advice and latest trends includes Steven Barlett, Sophie Miller, Amelia Sordell and Carrie Rose. Not only do these individuals have excellent personal branding, they are also very influential and inspiring for those who are wanting to start their own personal brand.

What should you post on LinkedIn?

There is no definitive answer as to what to post on LinkedIn. As you scroll through LinkedIn, you’ll realise that many professionals will post about anything. As long as you regularly post and create high-quality, engaging content, you should start to see the benefits. 

Here are a few content suggestions to get started:

  • Interesting statistics
  • News
  • Inspirations
  • Company updates
  • Achievements
  • Experiences
  • Business thoughts and ideas
  • Stories

In conclusion, creating a personal brand can be daunting, but highly rewarding if you can execute a successful personal branding strategy. Creating a personal brand can not only help you network with like-minded individuals, but can help you stand out in the crowd and get you more opportunities.

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