Beyond Procurement

Saving today for tomorrow

2022 | Branding, Web Design


Beyond Procurement is a procurement consultancy specialising in improving business profits while caring for the planet. They serve those who want to take action in a time of climate crisis and rising costs.


The Brief

Beyond Procurement is a specialist team of sustainability, procurement and business consultants; operating out of West Sussex, UK.

Prior to the project, they were named Meercat Associates. However, in order to better convey the business and what it should represent through the brand, Unbranded Digital advised in favour of a complete rebrand. This followed an in-depth branding workshop in which the Meercat Associates and Unbranded Digital teams engaged in a detailed business discovery which included an initial business analysis, brand analysis, business Q&A to learn more about how the Meercat Associates team perceive the business and more; conducted over 2 days in total.

The name, Meercat Associates, and the brand failed to convey what the business really stands for so our aim was to establish a brand that resonated with the target audience and conveyed the values they present to their clients i.e. aiding organisations’ sustainability efforts.

Our Response

As a result of the branding workshop with the Meercat Associates team, it was decided to discontinue the Meercat Associates name and branding as it was too similar to a leading product comparison website. Also, the branding guidelines appeared to be slightly outdated so we aimed to establish a fresher feel and look; one that embodies what the business represents.

The previous branding colours were a medium tone green and dark blue; traditionally, colours that epitomise “dark” and “sad” connotations. Without straying too far away from the original brand, we proposed brighter and more vibrant blue and green colour codes whilst introducing a brighter ‘organic’ green colour to symbolise the environmental focus of the business.

We also introduced a new tag line: Saving Today for Tomorrow; short, catchy and embodies the organisation’s mission. Finally, we redesigned all brand assets to launch the new brand as well as a brand new website to better reflect their service offering.

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.