Consult Red

Making IoT happen

2020 | Digital Marketing, Webdesign


Consult Red are a technology consulting company helping clients deliver connected devices and systems, supporting them through the entire development journey.


The Brief

Previously known as Red Embedded, Consult Red have gone through a rebrand in order to reflect the company more accurately. The website needs to embody and represent the new brand.

The new website will aim to increase the number of new inbound enquiries coming from the website and will also be a hub for news, PR releases, and a recruitment tool for highly qualified staff and most importantly be an ongoing marketing tool for the business.

The website needs to demystify the technical language into an understandable format for CTOs, CFOs and management as they are the main target audience and the decision-makers in the targeted industries.

Our Response

The new website needs to assist the target audience to view the full range of services provided, build brand confidence and trust in Consult Red.

Ultimately, the Consult Red website should be a useful time-saving resource for the business, saving countless man-hours of outbound sales. The site should be another avenue of leads for the business and should provide warm leads that are easier to close, bringing down the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of bringing new clients into the business.

The Results


reduction in Bounce Rate


Average Session Duration

56% Increase

in users in first year

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.