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Race and ethnicity analytics.

2022 | Digital Marketing, Lead Generation


Flair are technology experts who leverage the power of data to beat racial bias in business. Flair helps you benchmark performance, find the human truths revealed by numbers and lay the right foundations to measure and progress racial equity.


The Brief

Flair approached Unbranded Digital for help with their digital marketing strategy and implementation, they have an incredibly unique proposition. They help organisations to be more racially equitable by implementing software solutions that get to the root of the problem and importantly, offer solutions for those problems. Flair was a very new start-up and needed marketing to get in touch with SMEs larger than 100 employees.

Our Response

Our response was a test-and-measure approach – we tried many different marketing angles and platforms, measured the output data, and refined our approach from there. We launched advertising on a range of channels including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ads and even Grindr.

The ads were paired with a bespoke landing page tailored to generate form submissions and obtaining customer data. Once a user submitted their data, in return, they would receive an on-brand report about providing racial equity in the workplace.

After various testing and analysing the data produced from the ads, the best performing platforms for Flair were Facebook and Instagram.

The next stage of work was to create a petition mini-site to make reporting of racial incidents mandatory in schools. We designed an impactful landing page which was optimised for the sole purpose of collecting signatures. We also integrated a live dashboard which displayed the latest signatures users submitted on a real-time basis.

The Results

Overall, we generated millions of pounds worth of opportunities for Flair through our digital marketing implementation and over 600 potential prospect clients. Throughout the campaign, we worked very closely with their Head of Growth Marketing Jess Allen to ensure the quality of leads were in line with the marketing plan. From the campaign we generated conversations with very high profile companies.

Over 600

leads generated

FTSE 100

prospect clients


signatures on the petition

“We’ve been working with Unbranded Digital for the past year and they have exceeded our expectations. They've been agile and innovative in their approach to our digital campaigns and are now an extension of our team at Flair. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!”

- Jess Allen, Head of Growth Marketing at Flair

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.