Frampton Wealth

Wealth Management

2020 | Branding


Frampton Wealth are specialists in wealth management and helping you to meet your financial and lifestyle goals and objectives.

The Brief

Frampton Wealth came to us to create a new brand for their wealth management business based in Frampton, Australia.

Sometimes, financial advisers and wealth management businesses can have a bad reputation for not being always customer-focus or trustworthy. Frampton Wealth are different and they wanted to stand out from their competitors by putting emphasis on their values: trust, growth and professionalism.

Our Response

We decided to use nordic runes of wealth, growth and trust to inspire the design. These three principles are at the forefront of the business and we wanted them to be an integral part of the brand.

We picked a colour palette that is professional, vibrant and contemporary and used a serif font to represent the business (wealth, trust, professional).

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.