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2020 | PPC Ads, Social Media Management


After almost 40 years, Jomil is still standing firm with its roots steadfast in Felt, Haberdashery & Trims. Jomil are a family-owned firm with traditional values that run through every layer to our very core, but the way they see it, their family extends so much further than the front door of their warehouse.


The Brief

When we started working with Jomil in July 2020, we started out from almost zero. After working closely with the team for over 2 years, we are very proud to say that the strategy was an outstanding success!

Jomil previously had very little engagement and page likes on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, so they approached Unbranded Digital to change this through social media management and paid ads.

As we are working with Jomil on their email marketing, website design and catalogue design, we had a lot of ideas for their social media accounts that could coincide with our existing strategies.

Our Response

One of the biggest issues we had initially was growing the pages. Using Facebook Like Campaign Ads helped gain an initial boost of page likes on their Facebook page. However, getting the likes wasn’t the only goal; keeping them engaging and even converting to customers was a huge part of the strategy.

To get more engagement, we ensured that we consistently posted every other day, had a friendly and human tone, and varied the types of posts. The posts we create range from engagement competitions to standard product posts, company updates and birthday celebrations.

As our social media management and PPC ads have been such a success, we are continuing to work with Jomil on their social media accounts, and also on their website and email marketing.

We are continuously working with Jomil, creating more successful social media and PPC ads campaigns

The Results


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What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.