Expect more from your IT company

2022 | Webdesign


Singularitee was created to provide a high-quality IT service to businesses across the UK. They help you understand your software properly so you can make the most out of your IT. They’re dedicated to supporting your IT systems so you can be dedicated to running your business. All for one fixed monthly fee.


The Brief

Singularitee wanted to rebuild their website to be more in line with the business direction and to better illustrate what they do.

They felt that their current website didn’t do a great job in terms of communicating what they do as a business and how they are different; therefore they would like a new website that better illustrates this.

Our Response

We created a new website that looks better and demonstrates more clearly what Singularitee does as a business and why they are different – they are not your typical IT company, they offer one product at one price. The new website is lead-generation focussed with the integration of a form that allows visitors to get a personalised quote in an instant. Singularitee’s customer service is of the highest standard which we wanted to highlight as much as possible by using data that demonstrate the quality of the service offered by Singularitee.

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.