VR Immersion

Virtual Reality Experience

2016 | Branding, Webdesign


VR Immersion brings HTC Vive, a world of intuitive virtual reality gaming. Immerse yourself like never before in the next generation of games and let yourself become the controller at our entertainment centre in Queensbury, Bradford.


The Brief

Virtual Reality is becoming more integrated into peoples lives. With the big brands now making more and more games VR compatible every year. VR Immersion is a new start-up that has emerged from this new trend, they came to Unbranded Digital with the task of creating a brand new website along with a new brand.

Our Response

We created a beautiful eye-catching website with awesome visual effects, such as glitchy header text, and video sliders. The site was also focused on the call to action, to book now. As well as this we also created a new brand which had a modern feel with a reference to the 3D experience it offers. Following on from the brand, we created flyers and posters to support the brand.

What we do

We provide a range of services to our clients, tailored to meet their specific needs.